Tana Bana
Nimad Spice
Interior at Bhagyodaya Towers
Institute of Fashion Technology
Hotel Devarshi
Divyajyoti Trust Netralaya
Interior at Star Shell

The ANāHAT Philosophy

Architecture to us is also an art of balancing the built and the unbuilt. The unbuilt is as important a part of our daily lives as the built. The latter being an envelope to contain the unbuilt, and condition it to suit to one’s requirements. Architecture explores creative ways to build this envelope.

At ANāHAT, we look upon each project as a unique opportunity. We believe that each project has a different set of circumstances and context and thereby should have a unique identity.

We are inspired by traditional technologies and building methods that focus on sustainable methods of construction. ANaHAT strives to achieve a unique fusion of principles of passive solar architecture and contemporary technologies.

Anāhat Nād or "unstruck sound" is an Indian philosophical concept that signifies a primordial sound from which all sounds proceed.

As designers of Built environment we are conscious, that any process of creation incurs some harm, or damage to Nature. We stand for Passive means of containing a space, with minimum or no harm to Ecology. We believe in making spaces that are in harmony with the environment around. ANaHAT stands for non invasive means of achieving harmony.